Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid Solar System

• Hybrid Panels Power Out-Put

• Trustworthy and Reputed solar brand

• High-efficiency solar module

• 25 years of panel linear output warranty

• Local Australian support

• Affordable Pricing with Best Value for Investment


Solar Inverter

• 1 X 5kw Growatt Inverter
• High efficiency
• 10 Year* Warranty
• Proven Performance
• WiFi Monitoring (Optional)


Panel Mounting Kit

• Stress-free Installation
• Durable
• Available in Tin, Tile and Clip lock
• Light Weight
• Totally anodised and corrosion-resistant


Installation Includes

• Fast Turn-Around
• CEC Accredited Licensed Solar Electrician
• Professionally Trained for Solar Installation
• Good Quality Workmanship

Why Hybrid?It is a method that uses both solar power and power stored in batteries. This system allows you to store additional solar energy as a backup for use in the future.

How it does the Magic?

Hybrid system produces electricity during the day while you were using the same power for your daily needs. In this course, any amount of additional energy that is being produced gets stored in the batteries as a backup. When the batteries get completely charged then the additional generated power will go back to the grid.

Advantages of Hybrid Solar System

• At night, you can supply electricity from the batteries.
• Most hybrid inverters have backup power capability.
• Hybrid systems are generally less expensive than off-grid systems as they do not require a back-up generator and the capacity of a battery bank can be downsized.

Why Hybrid is The Best Choice?

• Hybrid systems will give you bigger return from your solar power installation. Rather than sending power back to the grid for minimal return, you can store the power and have it available to use whenever you need, saving you money.
• Independence is a major advantage offered by hybrid solar systems, owners benefit as they are not subject to rate increases or blackouts that may occur in their area.
• Since you have control over your power, hybrid systems allow you to kill your night time bill altogether.