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Solar Roof has partnered with the most reputable solar PV manufacturers in the world to offer you the best solar panels in the market.


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Hassle Free, No Pressure when our team of Solar experts makes the installation for your dream solar project.


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All our solar panels carry a minimum 25 year performance guarantee, and 10 year product warranty.

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Always Clean Energy

Solar energy is clean and non-existing free source of energy. We would like to help to convert it into Power.

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Solar Roof team of experts makes the entire installation process as plain sailing, no trouble no pain.

Low Maintenance Costs

Our Professionals keeps track of your maintenance, service and guides you to maintain the product for long term.

Long Time to Use

Solar products are long term investment and you will realize the benefits and savings in longer course of duration.

Used for Many Purposes

Solar Energy can be used for multiple sources and it helps you to reduce the Energy Bill.

Energy Can Be Reused

Solar Energy never ending source which can be converted and stored in batteries to use in multiple ways.


This is a no brainer, the less dependent we are on coal produced electricity the better the environment will be. As our population grows in Australia and worldwide, there is a shift to be aware of where we are headed in global warming effects. Solar panels and solar power are important parts of the equation.

Solar panels lower the amount of electricity you need to buy from your power provider, any excess electricity your system produces (surplus power) is sold back to the power provider, which comes as a credit on your electricity bill. The other benefit is the lowering your carbon footprint due to the production of green power.

We can organize an informative quote that explains how the power panels work, your choices, and rebate options. Everything is explained and references are available. Please call us today.

Yes Solar Panels work in winter weather but their output is lower as compare to summer due to shorter peak sun hours.

Yes, always ask for a qualified electrician on any electrical work carried out on your home.

Yes. Because we use leading suppliers of solar panels and solar power equipment they are made to exceed Australian standards.

Depending on the size of the system installed. For example, a 1.5Kw system requires about 12m2 of roof space. This should be on an un-shaded and preferably a north-facing part of the roof. Most roof area in Australia is well above what is needed.

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